Adventure into the New World in Captivating Novel “Anompolichi: The Wordmaster”

Published February 26, 2017

ADA, OKLAHOMA – Set sail on an exploration with 14th century Scottish sailing master Robert Williams as he voyages through a powerful storm that leads him to the New World and into a dangerous and unforgettable journey.

Beginning in North America in 1399, author Phillip Carroll Morgan weaves a tale of intrigue and adventure in his historical fiction novel “Anompolichi: The Wordmaster.”

Readers joining Robert Williams on his journey meet a remarkable Native – Iskifa Ahalopa, known by his people as anompolichi, a wordmaster – who recognizes the newcomer from a dream.

Robert and his new friend soon find themselves caught up in intrigue and plunged into perilous adventure in the New World long before history recorded its discovery.

Morgan is an award-winning author of three Chickasaw Press titles “Anompolichi: The Wordmaster” is his first novel published by the White Dog Press, a secondary imprint under the Chickasaw Press.

Morgan holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in Native American literature from the University of Oklahoma.

“Anompolichi: The Wordmaster” can be purchased online at or as a Kindle e-book through Amazon for $7.99.

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