Aboriginal Muscians Seek to Bring Christmas Cheer to Needy

Shy-Anne Hovorka


RED ROCK, ONTARIO — Several Aboriginal musicians from around Canada’s First Nations will perform at the “Winter Solstice Christmas Cheer” concert to raise funds for those in need of food.

The “Winter Solstice Christmas Cheer” will take place Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at the Red Rock Inn at 7:00 p.m.

Among the notable entertainers bringing the spirit of giving through their award-winning music to the small town of Red Rock, Ontario are Shy-Anne, Dallas Arcand and Leanne Goose.

Shy-Anne (Matachewan First Nation) is a 12-time APCMA winner, Dallas Arcand, a three-time Best International Hoop Dancer, and Leanne Goose, multi-nominated musician.

The idea of a concert arose from Shy-Anne having a need to bring the musicians together for work on her thesis she has entitled: “Understanding Aboriginal culture through understanding Aboriginal Music.” She is bringing them together for a joint video-taped interview. The group decided to do a show to benefit the community while they will be together.

“I needed to have them together at some point for my thesis, so thought while we are all together, let’s do something for the community for Christmas,” commented Shy-Anne to Native News Online.

“I met Paul a few weeks ago. He recently bought the Red Rock Inn and Mill. He has many plans to create a community minded place that brings the community together in different ways. I thought it would be a great partnership to have this show in his recently attained building to allow the people of Red Rock and surrounding area to meet him and see his vision. It’s an event that will help everyone, while offering great Indigenous entertainment from around Canada.”

Shy-Anne was referring to Paul Veldman, who owns the Red Rock Inn in Red Rock, Ontario.  Since 1937, the Red Rock Inn has played a significant role in the economic and social life of the community. The rock from the Red Rock Cuesta or ridge that shelters the community was traditionally used for making sacred pipes. It’s a significant place for everyone and this concert will be meaningful in its revitalization.

“It’s all about people, that’s what makes it work. It’s about realizing the potential for places and spaces to improve the quality of public and private life,” Veldman told Native News Online. “That’s what this gathering of award winning Aboriginal artists is about. When you bring people like Dallas Arcand, Leanne Goose and Shy-Anne Bartlett together to celebrate the Winter Solstice and Christmas Cheer you have a real experience.”

Price of admission is $10 at the door or text 807-727-7238 for information on how to donate to this worthy cause.








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