78-Year-Old Caucasian Man Arrested at Trump Political Rally for Sucker-punching a Black Protester


Published March 11, 2016

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA — A 78-year-old man was arrested for allegedly sucker-punching a black protester at a Donald Trump political rally on Wednesday night.

Trump is the front-runner for the Republican party’s presidential nomination. While attracting large crowds, Trump relishes in having protesters ejected from his “circus-like” political rallies.



While being escorted out of the rally by Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies, Rakeem Jones, 26, was hit by John McGraw, who is a Caucasian man. McGraw has been charged with disorderly conduct and communicating threats.

Interviewed by Inside Edition, McGraw said he enjoyed hitting “that loudmouth” and threatened “to kill him” the next time.

At Thursday night’s presidential debate at the University of Miami, Trump said he does not condone violence, but some of the protesters are “bad dudes.”

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