64th Annual Cherokee National Holiday Official T-shirt on Sale Now

Cherokee T shirtShirts available at Cherokee Nation Gift Shop, online

Published July 19, 2016

TAHLEQUAH – Show up in style at the 64th Annual Cherokee National Holiday with the official 2016 holiday T-shirt. The shirts cost $14 and are available at the Cherokee Nation Gift Shop in Tahlequah and online at CherokeeGiftShop.com.

This year’s holiday theme is “Stewards of Our Land,” and the shirt was designed by Cherokee National Treasure Dan Mink.

At the center of the design is a deer sugar skull decorated with elements of predator and prey. Inside the skull are snake skin, fish scales and patterns associated with Southeast Woodland design native to the Cherokee people. The cape feathers directly under the deer embrace the tribe’s 14 counties. The blue background is the horizon over Lake Tenkiller, marked with the seven-pointed star. The circle is encompassed by three patterns, including deer tracks to embody a successful hunt, stylized turkey feathers and scales. The three patterns represent the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes. Lastly, the seven Buffalo Carp fish under the circle honor the seven Cherokee clans.

The Cherokee National Holiday is a commemoration of the signing of the Cherokee Nation Constitution in 1839.  It is a celebration of Cherokee heritage and culture, a reflection of our accomplishments as a sovereign nation, and honors all that is in store for the future of the Cherokee Nation.

The 64th Annual Cherokee National Holiday is scheduled for Sept. 2-4 in the Cherokee Nation capital of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. For more information, including a schedule of events, entry forms and more, please visit www.Cherokee.org/AboutTheNation/NationalHoliday.aspx.

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