Two Arrested for Hanging #NoDAPL Banner during Vikings / Bears NFL Game

Published January 2, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS – The #NoDAPL movement received some publicity on Sunday afternoon at the NFL game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears when two protesters hung a banner from hundreds of feet above the playing field. The banner included a US Bank logo, the word “divest” and #NoDAPL.

Using ropes and climbing harnesses, two men hung the banner during the game at US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis during the Sunday afternoon game. Though some fans were evacuated from seating below where the two protesters dangled in harnesses, the game was not interupted.

Even though the stadium is some 475 miles from the Standing Rock, the banner brought attention to opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline.

Once the two protesters were lowered, they were arrested by Minneapolis Police Department and were indentified as Sen Holiday, 26, and Karl Mayo, 32.

“We are here in solidarity with water protectors from Standing Rock to urge US Bank to divest from the Dakota Access pipeline,” commented Holiday in a news released issued on Sunday afternoon to local media in Minneapolis.

US Bank has $175 million in credit lines to Energy Transfer Partners, the parent company of the Dakota Access pipeline.







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