To Be Here (A Blessing) By Kid Valance on Longest Walk 5

Kid Valence

Kid Valance


SAN CARLOS INDIAN RESERVATION – Kid Valance is organizing the runners on the Longest Walk 5 – War on Drugs. One of Dennis Banks’ key veterans for the Longest Walk, Kid, has been trusted to oversee the runner’s schedule, distance, and well-being. This song came to him as a medicine for others after his nephew overdosed. Kid’s vision is that this song will be sung collaboratively with other artists who see drugs as a problem for our youth, family and community.


To Be Here (A Blessing)

By Kid Valance

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I ask you to be here for a message.
I ask you to be here for these words.
Don’t let a drug take your love or your life.
We ask you to be here in this world.

We want you back in the circle.
We welcome you back to the fold.
Together, our problems are lighter.
Many hearts lighten the load.

Don’t take that death inside you.
It’s a gamble with no chance to win.
Life had a good way about it.
A blessing that can happen again.

There is no least among us.
Each loss a space we can’t fill.
The light of each person is what we must save,
and working together, we will.

I didn’t know my nephew was using, or we
would’ve had this talk long before; they
took off the door and found him; dead,
blue and cold on the floor.

And grief is a strong emotion
when someone you love is now gone.
The pain and the loss is a hole in your heart,
but here is how life must go on:

All Mother Earth is related,
everyone all our concern.
We’re much more alike than different,
It’s a lesson we all need to learn.

So every young man is my nephew.
Every young woman my niece.
Everyone’s part of the picture, we
can’t afford to lose one more piece.

SPOKEN: When I started writing this song, I shared some words with someone I deeply respect; my coach, my teacher, my friend, Dennis Banks. And he said, “Kid…

Every young man is my grandson.
My granddaughter is every girl.
When these young lives are squandered,
We’re losing the best promise of the world.”

So don’t take that death inside you
for the hateful, hurtful relief.
Step in the light and see what it is.
It’s a killer, it’s a liar, and a thief.

Don’t invite death inside you,
through your belly, your breath, or your veins.
First picture the face of a loved one
who might have to view your remains.

Hear these words: We’re all stronger when we care.
I truly believe we’re richer when we share.

We want you back in the circle.
We welcome you back to the fold.
Someone needs your ear to listen.
Someone needs your hand to hold.

Then all of us here in the circle,
Everyone back in the fold.
There is no least among us,
No one is worth less than gold.

So this is what we have before us:
A beautiful path we can see.
If we work together, we all are the answers,
And “we” starts with you and with me…

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