The Longest Walk 5 – War on Drugs

Dennis Banks

Dennis Banks

Longest Walk 5 War - on drugsLongest Walk 5 War – on drugs We are currently at 70 walkers/runners and we expect that approximately 30 will return to their homes in California when we reach the California/Arizona border. Our main focus is on ending drug abuse and domestic violence. These two issues are what we will address all across the country on the southern route. This walk will be a three year project. Next year’s route will begin in Alcatraz and will go through the middle of America all the way to Washington, DC. The third walk will start in Seattle and travel through and visit 20 tribes in Washington State. In each community we will gather information as we continue through the Northern states into Washington, DC. On all of these routes will be collecting information on the level of participation of those involved with drugs and domestic violence. It is our goal that at the end of this three year project we will be able to determine the best cultural and spiritual solution to end drug abuse and domestic violence. At the end of each walk we will issue a summary report and send them all to the reservations we visited and to all news media that we have come in contact with.

Dennis J. Banks
Senior LW5 Advisor


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