10 Myths about Students

Published August 11, 2018

(There are always legends and myths around the students. But how to know what is true, and what lies? This article will help you understand this!)

Are you a student? If the answer is in the affirmative, then you must be familiar with some of the myths about students and their lifestyle. Sometimes these myths are proven correct, but the rest of the time many of them are proven wrong.

Do you know what myths mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of myth means a widely held but false belief or idea.

When I was a student, there was also some myths about students, and they were trendy. Today I will try to share some of those myths which were popular when I was a student and some of today’s new generation myths about students so that you can know the truth.

Graduation is Four Years:

It is the most common myth. Everybody thinks that graduation is only four years and every student can complete their graduation within four years. This is a wrong idea. The absolute reality is more than 60 percent of students can’t finish their graduation within four years, in fact, most of them need more than five or six years.

Everyone Buys College Essays:

Many people especially students think that they can cut a good grade in the exam if they buy college essays online. But the reality is getting appropriate college essay according to one’s need is not that easy.  I think that if students have a bright idea about the importance of education, then it will be easy to cut a good grade in the exam without buying a college essay.

Cost is more Important than the Value:

Sometimes students made a blunder by comparing the price and value of admitting in a new school or college. They think that if one school tuition fees are more then, they will get a better education. When the reality is entirely the opposite. Education quality doesn’t depend on how costly that school or college is instead of that it is entirely dependent on the moral value and ethics of that institute which they follow and provide the students.

Foreign Study is the Best Education:

Sometimes people especially students think international study provides the best education. But the truth is different study can’t give you guaranty of best education unless you work hard and have the mentality to learn. Moreover, all the institute in a foreign country are not up to the mark, only a few institutions in the foreign nation provide quality education.

Teachers are Smarter than Students:

One of the most common myth that almost every teacher believes is they are more knowledgeable or smarter than students. When the basic truth is students are a new generation and very much familiar with ever-changing technology and due to the advancement of technology students have access to a massive amount of information. In this sector teachers are lagging behind.

Maximum Students have Goal of life:

People generally think that students can set their goal of experience in student life. But research showed that more than 58 percent of students couldn’t fix their purpose of being in student life. Remember that school and college life is the time of exploring interests.

As a result, it is not that much possible and realistic expectation that they have a particular goal from the beginning of the student’s life instead they get time to choose their major in university life and sometimes job determine their intent of life.

Students cannot learn new material on their own:

In this era of technology students have the pool of information and due to the advancement of technology students can nowadays learn anything from the internet without any help from teachers. Internet opened a platform for every one of determining according to their sweet will.

Only Gifted one is Successful:

Many parents, students even teachers think that only gifted students can become successful in life. Without them, there is hardly anyone who can become successful in life which is entirely a wrong idea. Many successful men in the world didn’t even pass the graduation but are considered as the most successful persons in the world.

Disability is the Obstacle of being a good Student:

Many people even students think that physical and psychological disability is the obstacle of being a student and they can’t do anything in the student life when the reality is there are many students with a disability, but they are doing well in the classroom and cutting a good figure in the exam. So there is no link between education and disability only determination plays the critical factor here.

All Great Colleges Are Well-Known:

We sometimes think that all great colleges or universities in the world are well-known. You should remember there are many excellent colleges and universities in the world which are not well known that provide quality educations.

Final Words

I will conclude it by saying that if you are serious about your career, then you need not believe the myths as mentioned above about students. Because these myths are considered as distractions in the way of building a successful career. So rather than assuming these myths, you should try to work hard to become successful in life.



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