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The Dilemma of the Fourth of July

Tweet Published July 4, 2018 Commentary Editor’s Note: This commentary was

Cherokee Nation Workforce Enhances Northeast Oklahoma Economy

Tweet Guest Commentary We recently celebrated our annual staff appreciation day

Sherri Mitchell on Stolen Children: “Don’t Look Away from the Suffering You See”

Tweet Commentary Published June 22, 2018 I recently stood in solidarity

The Case Against Nestle

Tweet Guest Commentary Published June 16, 2018 Michigan made headlines the

Trump Administration’s Policy of Separating Children is Reminiscent of Indian Boarding Schools

Tweet Commentary Published June 15, 2018 There is a lot of

Utilizing Cultural Exchange to Grow Sustainable Tribal Economies

Tweet Commentary Published June 9, 2018  In May, representatives from Michigan

Expanded Laws Allow Cherokee Nation to Better Enforce the Violence Against Women Act

Tweet Guest Commentary Published June 4, 2018 Cherokee Nation remains committed

A Native Perspective on Memorial Day

Tweet Commentary  Published May 28, 2018 There are four US holidays

When Your President Motivates Military Graduates by Celebrating the Genocide of Native Peoples

Tweet Commentary Published May 27, 2018 On Friday President Trump gave
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