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40 Years Ago We Stopped the Practice of Separating American Indian Families. Let’s Not Reverse Course.

Tweet Guest Commentary  Published October 17, 2018 Editor’s Note: This Guest

The Proportional Representation Vote; Canada-U.S. Political Parties & Corporate Press Keep Voters in the Dark

Tweet Guest Commentary Published October 14, 2018 The swing towards fascist

North Dakota Law that Disallows P.O. Box #s on IDs Seeks to Suppress Native Vote

Tweet #NativeVote18 Commentary Published October 13, 2018 Tuesday’s U.S. Supreme Court

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2018: Reflections on a Divided America

Tweet Indigenous Peoples Day 2018 Commentary We live in a divided

Columbus’ Discovery

Tweet Guest Commentary Editor’s Note: This guest commentary was originally published

Christopher Columbus Day! No Shame, No Guilt, No Conscience!

Tweet Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2018 Guest Commentary Published October 7, 2018

I’m a Survivor, and a Native woman, and I Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

Tweet Guest Commentary Published October 4, 2018 By Melissa Merrick-Brady I was

Increasing Suicide Awareness & Mental Health Access in the Cherokee Nation

Tweet Guest Commentary Published October 1, 2018 Cherokee Nation Health Services,

Kendall-Miller on Kavanaugh Senate Vote to Alaska Senator: Say No Senator Sullivan

Tweet Guest Commentary Published September 19, 2018 With all due respect
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