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America’s Greatness – America’s Colonialism

Tweet Guest Commentary Published January 15, 2017 Great is a word

Happy Belated Constitution Day

Tweet Commentary Friday, September 16, was Constitution Day. While I am

The Problem with the Dakota Access Pipeline

Tweet Commentary Published September 16, 2016 Friday September 9th was a

#NoDAPL Struggle Continues – Split Ruling on Restraining Order against Dakota Access Pipeline

Tweet Published September 6, 2016 WASHINGTON – This week I had

Original Environmentalists Protest Short Sighted Economic Policies of the United States

Tweet Published August 27, 2016 WASHINGTON – The Dakota Access Pipeline is

The Problem the Republican Party, and now the Nation, has with Donald Trump

Tweet Commentary Published July 22, 2016 The challenge with Donald Trump

The Truth about Abraham Lincoln, #NativeLivesMatter, #BlackLivesMatter

Tweet Guest Commentary Published July 12, 2016 Most people thanked me.

The Declaration of Independence. It’s Not What You Think.

Tweet Commentary Published July 3, 2016 “We hold these truths to

The Dilemma of the Fourth of July

Tweet Commentary Editor’s Note: This commentary was published last year on